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  • 1 Popular Ranch Acres Audiology on Good Day Tulsa

    Ranch Acres Audiology on Good Day Tulsa

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  • 2 04:08 Popular Audiologist Airyn Cristiano on Good Day Tulsa

    Audiologist Airyn Cristiano on Good Day Tulsa

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    Audiologist Airyn Cristiano appears on Good Day Tulsa on KTUL Channel 8. Interview aired on May 27, 2014.

  • 3 Popular Hearing Health

    Hearing Health

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    Hearing requires conservation we have to try and save our hearing in the same way that we try and save our bodies by eating well, exercise and doing good things. Hearing loss is particularly put at risk by exposure to loud noise. As all of us know people

  • 4 Popular About Airyn

    About Airyn

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    Airyn Cristiano, M.S., CCC-A, received her Masters Degree in Audiology from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Prior to opening Utica Square Audiology in 1991, she was associated with Tulsa Otolaryngology and with Eastern Oklahoma Ear, Nos

  • 5 Popular Initial Consultation

    Initial Consultation

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    When I have a new patient, I will initially speak to them a little bit about their situation in life and what some of the problems are that they feel they faced. We’ll do an initial audiogram, which is a hearing test and evaluation which can show th

  • 6 Popular About Practice

    About Practice

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    at Ranch Acres Audiology we offer complete hearing care includes professional testing and evaluation of your hearing loss and a discussion of your individual work and home hearing demands. It may include the selection, programming, and fitting of the appr

  • 7 Popular Lunch and Learn

    Lunch and Learn

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    Lunch and Learn seminars are set up to offer a relaxed environment to learn about Ranch Acres Audiology and meet with owner and Audiologist Airyn Cristiano. I've known many of my patients for many years. I started my audiology practice from scratch, back

  • 8 Popular High Frequencies

    High Frequencies

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    Hearing is kind of a unique phenomenon to each individual. However, many times because of the way our inner ears are structured and various other reasons, many people end up with a high frequency hearing loss. Those people often feel that they hear perfec

  • 9 00:30 Popular Ranch Acres Personal Attention Commercial

    Ranch Acres Personal Attention Commercial

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    Ranch Acres Personal Attention Commercial

  • 10 Popular Hearing Solutions

    Hearing Solutions

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    After your visit to Ranch Acres Audiology we will diagnose your degree of hearing loss. Once we understand where your hearing loss is at we can look at the many options available to you. Some people may experience hearing difficulty only when talking on t

  • 11 00:30 Popular Ranch Acres "Rewarding" Commercial

    Ranch Acres "Rewarding" Commercial

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    Ranch Acres "Rewarding" Television Commercial featuring Audiologist Airyn Cristiano. Airyn shares one of the most rewarding parts of her practice.

  • 12 Popular Ranch Acres Audiology-Good Day Tulsa

    Ranch Acres Audiology-Good Day Tulsa

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    Airyn Christiano on KOTV's Good Day Tulsa. For more information, please call Airyn Christiano at (918) 749-7711 or visit http://www.hearok.com Today's hearing aid technologies offer far greater help than ever before possible - more natural sound and more

  • 13 Popular Ranch Acres Audiology: Lunch and Learn Seminar

    Ranch Acres Audiology: Lunch and Learn Seminar

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    Choosing a hearing aid is not difficult if you’re well informed and properly diagnosed. That’s why I’d like to invite you to our Free pre-appointment Lunch and Learn Seminar.Learn about our free trial offer and get the facts about hearin

  • 14 Popular Ranch Acres Audiology: Static Commercial

    Ranch Acres Audiology: Static Commercial

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    If you are suffering from hearing loss, reconnect with your family and friends with hearing aids by Oticon™. Audiologist Airyn Christiano shares her personal experience and encourages you to come by for a free consultation.